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Welcome to the Salt Lake City Chapter! Come to the Salt Lake City Chapter to share information, generate a cohesive network of developers, and have fun!

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IGDA March 2014 Meeting - Portfolio Review Night

Congratulations again to our successful presenters last night! It takes a lot of guts and these three have shown their passion for games by taking the fire and using it to improve their portfolios in a rare learning opportunity thanks to the mentor volunteers and the sponsors.

Kristina Balay
Lehi Jenks
Jennifer Francis

Thank you again to all the mentors and to the sponsors Smart Bomb Interactive, Wahoo/NinjaBee, and Disney Interactive!


Final Burn 2013

This year's turnout was really great and we had three wonderful sponsors, Smart Bomb Interactive, NinjaBee, and React Games. Check out their opportunities and games here:

IGDA September 2013 Meeting - Industry Discussion Roundtable at Disney Interactive

This time we had the opportunity to meet once again at Disney Interactive (Avalanche) in downtown Salt Lake City. We had a roundtable discussion about hiring, struggles, achievements, and IGDA chapter improvements. The meeting was well attended with about 20 people and about 4 studios represented. Special thanks to sponsor Kelly Harper for providing pizza and Katie Krell and Disney Interactive for hosting!


IGDA July 2013 Meeting - E3 Scholarship Report by Brianne Christiansen

 This time we had 15 people and 3 studios represented. The presentation was casual but informative and entertaining. There was lots of great networking afterwards. Thanks everyone for coming! Special thanks to Smart Bomb Interactive for sponsoring the venue. 

IGDA May 2013 Meeting - Tutorials by Ryan Butcher

 There were lots of great conversations and fun at this last meeting. Ryan's presentation was well prepared and entertaining. Big thanks to Jacob Kinney for getting us the venue and for the pizza and drinks! 


IGDA SLC attendees chatting and having a good time!

IGDA March 2013 Meeting - GGJ Presentations

 We had about 15 hobbyists and professionals gather and enjoy the venue and pizza sponsored generously by Neumont University. Everyone had a good time talking about game projects and current industry news. Check out the projects yourself at:

IGDA January 2013 Meeting - Luke Dicken

 The first meeting of the new year was a big success.  It was standing room only and everyone seemed to enjoy the meeting a lot.  

Here are the links to the recorded audio/video for those that couldn't make it:
Check out and send him a thank you note on twitter if you like: @LukeD

Final Burn 2012 Report

This year the party went very smoothly, with two sponsors to help out and many studios showing up and having a good time.  We didn't seem to have much interest in Utah Game Developers Choice Award for the year so I decided to discontinue that for now.  Some great games were mentioned here and there, like President's Run, Sims Social (2012 expansions), Animal Jam (2012 expansions), Cars Land Racers, Vote!, and some soon-to-be-released projects like Danny Trejo's Vengeance: Woz with a Coz.  It seems that this year more studios were in the middle of crunch times.  This is probably due to the shift away from console games- now, holiday crunches can happen a lot closer to December since digital distribution is so much faster (in general).  I think we'll only see this shift increase, and so I am coming to think of Final Burn not as the party after having finished your holiday crunch, but the party right before you start the holiday crunch.

Final Burn 2012

What: Final Burn 2012!

When: November 13th, 2012 at 7:30pm

Where: Legends Pub & Grill

It's time again for the annual Utah game industry party! Come out to show your accomplishments this year and mingle with others in the valley!

Final Burn! Final Burn Promo





677 S 200 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84101 

2012/11/13 - 19:30 - 21:30

IGDA September 2012 Meeting - Spencer Buchanan

Tonight's meeting went really well.  We had about 20 people and Spencer's speech was informative and entertaining.  Spencer talked about his background and his experience  as a scholar at IGDA Summit and Casual Connect.  He talked about lessons learned from mentors and from touring studios.  There was lots of great discussion afterwards and it was great to catch up with everyone!

Thanks again to U of U's EAE department for providing the venue!


IGDA July 2012 Meeting - Social Meeting w/ Draw Night

Today we had a fun and quick social meeting joint with the Draw Night group!  Everyone had sketchbooks out and there was tons of lively discussion about everything from tools of the trade to indie projects.   We had about 11 people crowded around a couple of tables and everyone had a good time.  Huge thanks to Geoff from Draw Night and to NoBrow Coffee for hosting!  


NoBrow Coffee
315 East 300 South
Salt Lake City UT 84107


IGDA May 2012 Meeting - Matt Anderson

Thanks all again for a great meeting! This time we had Matt Anderson speak to us about his GDC experience. Matt was an IGDA Scholar and got a tour of several studios in the area at GDC and learned many things about the game industry as a whole. He told us about his tours and meeting high profile folks like Tim Schafer and Daniel James.  He also told us about his lessons learned developing his new studio and the game Catball Eats It All among others.  

This meeting was at the U of U at the EAE Master Game Studio. If you haven't been there yet, it is a special Master's program space set up to work like a game studio, so the graduate students can gain close to real-world experience in preparation for the game industry. 

Thanks to our speaker and sponsors!

IGDA March Meeting 2012

This was a great social event that everyone had a great time at. In the end we heard about GDC from Lane Kiriyama of Wahoo/NinjaBee (again a big thank you to them for sponsoring! ), and then enjoyed some pizza as we played all the different games. Greg Squire showed the Escape from Infinity board game, and VooDoll and Herb and Hamster (with its art and shrinking and bug fix updates) were represented as well. We also played some videos of other games made around the world.
Thank you to Brian Durney and UVU for hosting! Also thank you to our volunteers including Don Jordan and others for helping set up and take down and clean up and pass out parking passes!




March Chapter Meeting - GGJ Play Party

At this chapter meeting we will be playing the games that were created at this year's Global Game Jam which was held Jan 27-29th in Salt Lake City.  Come on out for pizza and to catch up with friends near UVU!



UVU, CS411

2012/03/13 - 19:30 - 20:30

Final Burn 2011 Report

This year we moved to a new venue because the old one shut down.  The new venue seemed to work out great for us and everyone seemed to have a great time.  The poster art was really impressive too!  Overall there were about four studios represented, and about 20 people.  It was really nice seeing what React and Wahoo and Smart Bomb were working on; their newest offerings were very impressive!  We'd like to thank the volunteers that helped bring equipment and set up, and Legends for hosting!  A big Thank You goes to Wahoo Studios for providing so much great food for everyone!  Be sure to check out their games and support them: or  



Final Burn 2011

Final Burn 2011

It's time again for the annual end of year party for game developers in the Salt Lake City/Provo area in Utah. Gather to show off projects, talk about the events of the past year, and plans for the next year, and play games and hang out!

Date: Tuesday, Nov 8th
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Legends Pub & Grill

677 S 200 W, Salt Lake City (directions)

RSVP: Notify Josh Jones if you plan to attend or if you have any questions.

Please join the Utah IGDA Mailing List for further announcements and discussion.



Legends Pub & Grill

677 S 200 W, Salt Lake City (directions)

2011/11/08 - 19:30

IGDA September 2011 - Your Developers Are Your Customers

This time we had the opportunity to hear from out-of-state speaker and IGDA supervolunteer Sheri Rubin as she began her trek across the west coast.  This meeting was super well attended- over 50 people came to EA Salt Lake's offices and enjoyed refreshments and the great meeting room and hospitality EA Salt Lake provides.  A huge thanks to them for hosting!  Below is the speech outline for those who missed it.  


IGDA May Meeting

This meeting was a casual gathering at Gecko's.  Attendance was light but once again the content was great!  Thanks to Shane Smit for the excellent postmortem on Cars 2!  We were all enlightened and given much to ponder about.  


IGDA January 2011 - Repetitive Strain Injury

This meeting was graciously hosted by EA Salt Lake.  They provided excellent refreshments and helped run the event smoothly. 

Our speaker, Brady Dalton, talked to us about his experiences with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and how they affected his game development career. 


Here's hoping everyone stays healthy while developing awesome games during the new year!

Final Burn 2010 Report

This year's Final Burn was at the  newly revamped Green Street.  The upstairs was sporting a couple new cabinets, but less TV's.  We had 4 studios demo and members from nearly every major studio (Disney/Avalanche, EA Salt Lake, Eat Sleep Play, Smart Bomb, Wahoo, and React) attend!  Most seemed to agree Disney's Toy Story 3 took home Utah Game Dev Choice award this year.  


Big thanks to Wahoo Studios and NinjaBee for sponsoring!  Please check out their Keflings games on XBLA and show your support for their high quality games!  


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