Quality of Life

The Quality of Life SIG advocates fair, healthy working conditions for game developers.

QOL issues are often daunting. There are many facets, no easy answers and many opinions. However, QOL is not something we can just ignore and hope it gets better on its own. This Special Interest Group looks to address the tough questions related to the issue and strives to make a real difference, championing good quality of life solutions that work for all parties.


  • Keep abreast of current QOL trends in the industry by:
    1. keeping a collection of links to current writing about QOL in blogs or publications
    2. conducting a yearly IGDA QOL survey and publishing the results. 
  • Research and publish papers about QOL best practices within the game industry and related industries
  • Provide feedback to developers on QOL-related legal issues
  • Provide feedback to the game industry community on the QOL status of as many specific studios as possible.
  • Reach out to and educate developers on QOL issues, providing them with tools to help improve their own QOL and the overall QOL of their own organization.
  • Provide a grievance committee to manage complaints from IGDA members about employer policies that are in contravention to IGDA standards.


Membership is open to anyone interested in improving the Quality of Life of game developers or those interested in knowing more. We have a mailing list and this group's forums, and a list of active projects on the IGDA wiki. News, project work and links are posted in this blog section, but full information can be found on the projects page.

SIG Contact

If you wish to provide information/links/news, bring up grievances or worries email qol@igda.org

News / updates

QoL SIG Elections are open until May 14th - Please Vote

Elections are currently underway!

Voting opened on May 3rd and runs until May 14th.

We've improved the process a bit over the last week, and if you are reading this e-mail blast, you're eligible to vote. QoL SIG mailing list members with IGDA standard memberships have been added to the "QoL SIG Elections" group, so it's pretty painless.

Please log into the IGDA.org website and follow the links to review the candidate statements and vote.

To review candidate statements:

To vote:

News Articles on IGDA Rockstar San Diego Quality of Life Press Release

The IGDA press release IGDA: Regarding Overtime Concerns at Rockstar San Diego (a response to this original article) has been picked up by a few sites on the internet which contain more information over the matter:

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